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Frank Perrella

Greetings, and thanks for stopping by. All during my upbringing I and the family lived as average middle class New Yorkers. I attended public school, and only after graduating my life changed slightly. My father enrolled me in a private high school. Upon graduating, I started college at night because I wanted to work days. My first job was as a medical photographer at a local city hospital. From there I went on to work for a film studio. I worked as a sound stage recording technician, on site and on locations around the country. I also worked as a quality control technician in the film production end of the operation. My education continued, and I was always centered on the usual course of study, but I was also deeply involved in educating myself on subjects that were related to anything linked to electronic engineering, medicine, and especially all things dealing with the mind and esoteric sciences.

When I was 22 my father’s illness caused him to pass the family’s real estate holdings on to me. I was shocked when properties’ housing about 800 tenants were dumped in my lap. I quickly learned how to become a business man who was responsible for maintaining and controlling properties and employees. The office procedures were in shambles when I took over, and I had to find and hire a new accountant and attorney.

It’s said NEED is the mother of invention; that’s always been true for me. In the early 70’s when heating oil went from six cents a gallon to over a dollar in just a few months, I invented a system that saved 25% on my fuel costs.

Nowadays people are flocking to learn “The Secret”, “The Laws of Attraction”, “Attraction Marketing” and other “Universal Laws”. Recently I studied Ester and Jerry Hicks, “Teachings of Abraham.” I learned the basics of these disciplines over thirty years ago. However, I never put them to use the way people are today. I didn’t need to, I was wealthy enough. Times changed, now no one ever has enough. That prompted me to search for something to do in my spare time.

After taking it easy for a few years I’ve decided to help others achieve the successes we are all striving for, and also get some of my shelved project up and running. I will help anyone who joins me reach their goals. Here’s what you’ll get if I personally bring you into my team.


An opportunity to earn a significant income, even an unlimited one, with the time and inner peace to live life on your own terms.
An ability to work anywhere in the world, with only a cell phone and computer. All this on a part time basis, or full time if you like.
An ability to work when and with whom you choose.
Anyone engaged with me would likewise benefit, and know that all of us are making positive contributions to society through the work we are doing.

Needless to say the various businesses I found provide all of these features. You’ll be sponsored by a millionaire. More importantly, you’ll receive the training and coaching that has intensively been provided by many of us, yes millionaires.

Not sure if the Internet marketing program is right for you? Contact us at OurWarOnPoverty on Skype and a representative will be happy to help you evaluate your options.

Albena Todorova

I have extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of Web Development, Internet Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. I am an expert in Social Media Marketing, Web Traffic development, Lead Generation, and developing new business opportunities. I am always eager to help customers establish their online presence and spread their ideas, while maximizing their potential target audiences and attract loyal followers.

I am an affiliate marketer, who enjoys giving my customers some of my own ideas that have helped me build a very large audience of 500,000 subscribers who purchase many of my products yearly. My latest work is related to finding innovative ways to multiply traffic. I always work towards improving advertising systems and media exposure for my clients. Join our team and I’ll share my traffic generation methods and the software I’m using to build my list including the personal software system which I have invented to get enormous amount of free leads from traffic exchanges and safelists websites.

I as a programmer have worked to develop complete software system over the past several years. My work has resulted in my joining with Frank to further my goals. We utilize resources to provide you with powerful advertising tools. Your offers and websites can be promoted daily. This is all done automatically. We want to help you by presenting and providing you with a home study course that is designed for every person who knows nothing about setting up and running their own home based business. We did it and anyone who can read and follow simple instructions can likewise do it. We want to make it that simple and to give a chance to everyone to turn themselves into an internet marketer just like us. We want to help as many people as we can reach to increase their income and we are offering you the ability to gain a higher return on any product that we provide. There are no fees to start with us. Just Register today and receive one month free Silver Membership.  which gives you access to the trainings and software needed to start earning with no effort from your side.