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Top 15 Internet Marketing Gurus Changing People’s Lives

09 Sep

Internet Marketing is in such an exploding phase that too many big and small enterprises starting business online. There is huge potential on internet that you can make huge impact on online as well as offline users.

Blogging is such a platform that you need too much inspiration and ideas to get success. Keep reading the trying the things is only secret to get success online.

These 15 internet marketers have done spectacular work and millions of people are learning the things from these gurus. They have set up the benchmark in blogging that everyone want to follow and want to reach at the stage where they have reached.


Here I am going to list top 15 internet marketing gurus whom I am following from starting days on my blogging and going to continue follow them.

Note: I haven’t numbered them according to popularity. I have just listed 15 Internet Marketing Gurus so that you can follow them to get success.

1. Darren Rowsedarren-headshot-300x300

Blog – ProBlogger

Facebook Fans – 46K

Twitter Followers – 182K

Darren Rowse is the owner of ProBlogger.net, one of the mostly known blog in blogsphere. He is one of the first bloggers who entered in blogging world in year 2004 and helped thousands of bloggers to get success in blogging. In 2006, Rowse was awarded the Best Web Development Weblog blog award in 2006 for ProBlogger.

His blog is dedicated for teaching blogging and known in the industry for his awesome blogging tips.

2. Brian Clarkbrian-clark

Blog – CopyBlogger

Facebook Fans – 15K

Twitter Followers – 128K

Brian is the owner of CopyBlogger media and running various other successful online companies. Brian is the man behind four big online brands StudioPress, Scribe, Premise and Synthesis.

CopyBlogger is one-stop destination for improving copy-writing skills. Brian keep writing best copy-writing tips here and his blog is very high authority blog in copywriting.

3. Seth Godinseth_godin-2

Blog – SethGodin

Facebook Fans – 184K

Seth Godin is an American entrepreneur, author, public speaker and best-selling author. After getting  degree in computer science and philosophyhe,  he did  MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

He worked Yahoo’s vice president of direct marketing and worked there till 2000.

He is the man behind Squidoo, a community website where users can create pages (called “lenses”) for subjects of interest and they can drive traffic on their sites.

Seth Godin is well-known in the industry with his captivating writing style and many big internet marketing entrepreneurs follow his rules and principles.

4. John Chowjohnchow-headshot

Blog – JohnChow

Facebook Fans – 13K

Twitter Followers – 100k

John Chow is a well-known internet marketing guru who teach people how to make money online.

John is the Author of Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul, which rocketed to #1 on Amazon.com within the first week of release.

His latest book Blogging with John Chow have gained such a huge popularity that many people are able to change their life after taking this course.

5. Yaro Starak


Blog – Entrepreneurs-Journey

Twitter Followers – 23K

Yaro is owner of Entrepreneurs-Journey. Yaro started his blog in 2008, where you can learn make money online ideas. He is known for running podcasts on his blog and he have interviewed almost all big bloggers in the industry. How you can start article on his blog is filled with awesome information which you need to become a successful blogger and dominate blogging arena.

You can download his book Blog Profits Blueprint from his blog and learn out of the box blogging strategies.

6. Pat Flynnpatrickflynn-44_600

Blog – SmartPassiveIncome

Facebook Fans – 30K

Twitter Followers – 61K

Pat is owner of SmartPassiveIncome, started in year 2008. Pat is one of the person who have mesmerized the world with his transparent income reports. At his blog he share his income reports down to the penny.

He is known in the blogosphere as a famous podcaster.

7. Neil Patelneilpatelsidebar

Blog – QuickSprout

Facebook Fans – 8K

Twitter Followers – 117K

Neil is famous for sharing SEO tips. He is running big brands like KissMetrics and CrazyEgg.

Neil’s blog Quick Sprout have become one of the most loved blog in bloggers to learn SEO tips.

His companies are making million dollars and he is expanding his business day by day.

8. Yanik Silveryanik-headshot-highres

Blog – MaverickMBA

Facebook Fans – 400

Twitter Followers – 23K

Yanik is a sales letter expert. He had created InstantSalesLetters.com, a website where he sold sales letter templates. He made $1800 in the first month. Within three months, he was on track to make six figures from the site.

He has since made over $15 million from the Internet.

9. Zac Johnsonzac

Blog – ZacJohnson

Twitter Followers – 12K

Zac Johnson is known as super affiliator. His blog is dedicated to teach affiliate marketing tips and this is the one-stop destination blog for people who are interested to learn affiliate marketing.

Zac Johnson’t readers have earned 1 Million Dollars with Neverblue.

10. Chris Farrell

chris_closeup-200Site – Chris Farrell Membership

Twitter Followers – 4K 

Chris began online in 2008 and he is one of the most respected and successful internet marketers in the industry today.

Chris is a popular in demand public speaker – having worked with and spoken on stage with Brian Tracy, Dr Stephen Covey, Dr John Gray, Robert Cialdini, Gary Vaynerchuck, Daymond John and T Harv Eker amongst others.

Chris Farrell Membership is the highest rated service and overwhelmingly loved product online – for people looking to get started in internet marketing and who need a helping hand.

11. Daniel Scoccodaniel-scocco

Blog – DailyBlogTips

Twitter Followers – 15K

He started his blog in year 2005 and the blog was nominated under the “Best Web Development Blog” category in the 2007 Weblog Awards

Daniel’s blog is very much famous blog for learning basic of blogging.

He is running another blog Daily Writing Tips, a blog focused on grammar, punctuation and spelling tips.

12. Michael Dunlopmichael-headshot

Blog – IncomeDiary

Facebook Fans – 3K

Twitter Followers – 19K

Michael Dunlop is a young entrepreneur running IncomeDiary, Retireat21 and ExpertPhotography (with his brother) and all his 3 blogs are getting million visitors per month.

Michael is in love with word “Domination” so he is having products called Site Profit Domination, Web Domination 2.0 and Popup Domination.

At Income Diary you will find very detailed articles and writing style at his blog is very unique and compelling.

13. Chris Guthurichris

Blog – MakeMoneyOntheInternet

Facebook Fans – 2K

Chris Guthuri is interview great people in his podcasts and you will learn a lot when you will land on his blog.

In year 2005 he built a forum for gamers and which was one of his successful project.

Chris worked a full time job first as a game tester with Microsoft, and later in sales selling IT equipment. He made $150,000 in 2010 from the Amazon affiliate program.

14. Glen Allsoppglen

Blog – ViperChill

Facebook Fans – 13K

Twitter Followers – 12K

He started his online journey when he was 15. His website started making thousands of dollars per month and he came full-time in online marketing at age 19.

He is the creator of one of the successful E-Mail marketing plugin OptinSkin.

He had made his identity as a successful affiliate marketer and changing thousands of lives globally with his writing skills.

15. Jeremy ShoeMakerJeremy-Schoemaker

Blog – ShoeMoney

Facebook Fans – 20K

Twitter Followers – 165K

Jeremy started his blog ShoeMoney in 2003 and started monetizing his blog.

He made $130,000 with AdSense in year 2005 which gave great boost to his business (he was already making average $30000 per month but this was the biggest).

Recently he have launched a course called “Shoe In Money” which he have divided into different modules to show you right path in internet marketing.



So these were 15 internet marketing gurus whom I am following from long time and have learned great things from all of them. They are giving their best on their blogs so that they can spread more and more knowledge and people can bring revolutionary change in their life.

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