So how to do it? Easy, just follow these steps:

1. Go to and fill in all the stuff

If you don’t have any of the payment types, just create a Perfect Money account, it’s fast and easy, and doesn’t have the high minimum payments Western Union has.

2. When signing up, you’ll see there is an invitational code required to sign up Really? That’s stupid as fuck right? Well here’s some so you don’t have to go begging, they’re not specific to one person so don’t worry about them being used up.

( 9BPU )

3. Read the stuff if you want, all it tells you is type more captcha = more money, and that you have a set amount of time to type it.

4. Start working, and what you should do for the maximum solve speed is type the short easy ones and just type random characters for long ones, i.e. long sentence captchas or those weird ones that look like they’re being fucked in the ass by an English teacher Cake

5. ????

6. Profit!

Do it everyday to get the best results, if you do it quickly like I outlined in step 4 you will make a lot very quickly, and it’ll auto-cash out for you too!