How our system works

    Requirements to use our service:
You must have a registered PayPal service account.
You must have an internet service account in your own name.
You must have your own email address, and will verify our mail to you.
You must have a phone number where you can be reached.
You must be a U.S. Citizen, living in the United States.
You must be at least 18 years of age.
You must provide a legal Postal mailing address.
You must provide five people who will join our service under you.
    How we work:
We have four levels.  Our primary and lowest level incorporates the service which everyone gets. It is the part of service that makes money for everyone who joins us.  You must provide five additional subscribers who will join our service under you.  They will benefit from our service and allow you to setup yourself in our system.
    What you will need.
To join us you need to either come in with a product that you are selling, or buy one of our products from the list of worth while products that are of use and value to internet marketers.  We are constantly adding new products to that list.  The ad copy that comes along with each of our products will explain to any reader what the product does and how it is of value to a potential buyer.  If you know of other worthy products please give us feedback regarding them.  We are always searching for new and valuable products, and we appreciate learning about new sources of such things.  We are always willing to add new productsto the list of what we offer in our toolbox and that can make an internet marketer’s life easier, and more profitable.
    The Automated system.
We developed our system to the point were every aspect of it works automatically.  Once you enter your particulars, including the product that you want to market, everything will be checked and if it is determined that what you have submitted complies with our standards, your submissions will be turned over to the automatic service and your product and the data divulging the benefits will be submitted to the various services that present everything to the advertising services we have on our system.  Your product and ad will be put before the millions of people who populate our system and are interested in seeing what you have offered.
    How you make your money.
When someone buys your product you will get a notice of the fact that money has been submitted to your PayPal account.  A duplicate of that notice is entered into our accounting system so that we have a way of billing you at the end of the month.  Our 5% fee is based on the total dollar sales that the system has generated for you for the period of time that you have been billed, based on the total dollars that you have received from our sales effort.  The more products that you market the more dollars you can gain.
     How to promote products.
When you join the free service, and bring your own product to sell on that service, it must be a worthwhile product that will interest an internet marketer. It should something that will assist the buyer in his work, make their work faster, easier, and possibly save or make them money. If you lack a product, you can choose one from our extensive list we have setup within our services. Many of the products which are being offered are from Clickbank. We suggest that you Google what Clickbank is if you are not familiar with it and its products. When you join our higher level of services you cannot bring into that part of our system any outside products. But you can continue to use our free service, along with the higher level of service that you join. You can upgrade any time to higher membership level. Once you have selected and paid for it, you will complete the process of setting yourself up on that membership service. You will automatically be upgraded and you will see the changes in your Members Area Dashboard. You can buy any of the stand alone products provided in Marketplace and you will find your product available for download in your Members Area Dashboard. All the products provided for download in the members area are with master resale rights which means that members can have access to the products and don’t have to pay for the right to market them. They can do this freely by clicking on the Promote Products link in the Affiliate area.
All of our services will automatically send out your ad copy about the product you have purchase together with its intro webpage that offers the product to the buying public on our many services, usually as often as twice a week. If you have selected a worthy product from our top products lists you will get people acting on your offer and buying it. You’ll automatically be getting notices of sales from PayPal each time you have a sale. At the end of the month our automated service will bill you for the 5% fee that you owe us for each sale we have gotten for you.If you have chosen to become involved with one of our higher level monthly services you will have an option to buy into any or all of the various products that are part of those offered. You must understand this, the products offered are not our products. They are being made available to you, based on the fact that we believe them to be some of the best products that provide quality information, and services to people who are working in the field of Internet Marketing. The product can be checked by going on Google.com or you can use any other search engine that you choose. We suggest that you do your due diligence, and review what people say about any of these products, and the one you will choose to buy. Once you have bought a product you have the right to market it in any way you choose, not only on our system but also by whatever other methods you desire. And of course you can market more than one product on our service at a time.
    We need your help…
Yes you read correctly, if we are going to help you, we need your help! To be successful in business one must serve their public. We have designed our business, and its portal to serve anyone who is unhappy with their way of life. If you need more income and you are willing to turn to the internet to achieve your goal, you have come to the right place.  If you have fully explored our site including our About Us page and Our Mission statement, you should realize that our primary purpose of developing this business is to help our users develop themselves into independent entrepreneur who can make a living working on the internet. Let me point out that I the author of what you are reading have for the past 54 years derived my entire income from Real Estate.  And my partner Ms. Todorova is a trained Programming, working in several languages.  After developing her programming business to the point where she satisfied her financial needs, she branched out set herself up as an internet marketing operator.  That business enhanced her income to the point where she like myself has become a millionaire.
    Now to the How and Why, of needing your help …
Our main purpose in developing our business and the site was to provide services to anyone who wants, and needs a way of increasing their income. We are unlike other people who claim to have the greatest products and businesses on earth which can make you a millionaire over night.  Be reasonable creating a profitable business takes time and in most cases some investment.  Our portal contains over 500 digital products that are aimed at training people to develop themselves into internet marketers.  We have products that are of value to other internet marketers who are presently involved in their own internet marketing operation, (those are the people who are our main buying public who you will be submitting your ads to).  We intent to serve hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people Nationwide, then after all the bugs are out of our system we will turn the service over to worldwide access.  All with the help of Google.com. In order to fully achieve our goals we need to be responsive to the needs and desires of our public.  Thus we have setup an email contact address below.  We want to hear from anyone who feels they have found a great service, or product and want us to add it to our ever growing list of products.  We hope you will take advantage of our need to know.  Thank you and have a great day, and let us help make lots of profit for you.