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Authority Hi-Jack 2

$17.00 Inluding Vat

Easy to Use Software Does All The Hard Work.

Full Training Included – Get Started Today.

Doesn’t Require Wordpress.

Dear Internet Marketer,

If you want more subscribers or to get more people to buy
your products or complete your CPA offers then you need to download this clever
piece of software that legally hi-jacks the
authority of big name authority sites
like CNN, The BBC, Fox
News, and  CBS (they are just examples, you will be able to hi-jack the
authority of ANY site).

CNN News

Imagine this…

Joe Shmoe is discussing a trending topic on Twitter or
Facebook (this is not limited to those sites) and he sees that someone has
posted a link to a news article or a blog post about the topic.  He clicks
and reads the article and while he is on the site (or just as he goes to leave –
configurable by you) up pops a message inviting him to subscribe to
YOUR email list to get the latest news and
updates on related topics.


Fred Bloggs follows a link to a news article on CNN about
the latest elections.  While on the page he is asked to take part in a poll
about who he thinks will win and in exchange for doing so he’ll be entered into
a draw to win an ipad. 
This poll is actually YOUR CPA offer and when he
takes part you get paid!


Imagine Being Able to Monetize Everything Your Already
Do On The Internet…

That is exactly what
Authority Hi-Jack lets you do.

  • Sharing a post, site, page or video on
      Why not run it through this software and
    monetize it with a relevant CPA offer that
    YOU profit from?

  • Sending a tweet out about the latest reality
    TV results?
      Turn it into a cash sucking tweet with
    virtually no effort on your part.

  • Emailing your list with details of a genuine
      Why not get paid
    for doing the exact same thing?

How much is it and how you can get started

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  This isn’t the
first product to market that does this.  But the competition want an
astronomic amount of money for their solution and you have to install wordpress
to make it work.

This is not only much cheaper but it’s much easier too.
Just run the software (requires Windows), copy and paste in your links and out
pops a few small files.  Upload them to your web space (we show you how)
and you are ready to go.

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