Edu Rocket

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What is EDU Rocket ?

  • EDU Rocket is a power packed guide containing 20 high quality edu profile backlinks which we used to rank amazon review sites ,youtube videos, slideshare documents, and niche sites in just days ( youtube videos have seen results in just under 5-7 days).
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  • EDU Rocket contains 20 edu domains from all different lp‘s and from different college’s and university’s

What are EDU Backlinks ?

.Edu backlink is a back-link from a website or domain ending .edu. A backlink is basically the inclusion of your URL (or website address) in other websites. This has a two-fold purpose: first, people reading that website will chance upon your URL link and they may click on it to go to your site. Second, and more importantly, search engines perceive backlinks as a way of one websites “vouching” for the quality of the other.

Those .EDU domains can be from various countries, not necessarly from USA, in Google’s eyes they all have the same weight. In fact,Google loves geographical diversification. A great increase in the number of backlinks from diverse corners of the world will make Google think that your website is important and appreciated by everyone in this world, and Google will consider your website qualitative.

Importance Of .Edu Backlinks

The backlinks from the Edu domain names are considered very effective because they generate a lot of traffic around them and considered as authoritative by search engines. This is due to the reason that these domains are usually are of important institutions and that is why there is a tendency to take it seriously.

The .EDU backlinks are considered very important because they contain a lot of serious data and statistics. These domain names direct traffic to proper backlinks and work on the basis of trust. The search engine optimization benefits of the .EDU backlinks are quite a bit more than any other domain. That is why they are a bit exclusive in nature.All webmasters like to have .EDU backlinks. Because Getting one .edu backlinks is equal to ten.com backlinks. So edu backlinks will definitely give a boost for your site in search engine results page. These edu backlinks will give more improvement in quick time.