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to businessinsider.com, well over 1 billion people are using Facebook
as of 2014. In terms of market share, 67% of all Internet users in the
U.S. use Facebook frequently.Now in the European markets, more than82%
of Internet users use Facebook.

Also, among U.S. Facebook users,
73% have incomes well above$75,000, compared to 17% who are on Twitter
and 13% who are on Pinterest.

Isn’t that amazing?  Think about it carefully.

If you’re not reaching the Facebook crowd, then you’re leaving money on
the table.

being able to reach more people across the globe without ever leaving
your house, target specific audiences that fit your demographics, build
brand awareness, generate leads, and more.

The key is to understand what your objective is and use the correct ad
type to achieve the end result.



Traffic Revised

9 Part Video Course


step by step, 9 part video series, takes you by the hand and shows you
how to quickly plan and setup your Facebook Ad campaign correctly:


#1 – Introduction to Facebook Ads (2014 Revised Version)
has updated their ads system so you can rest assured that this course
is updated to 2014. Now before we get started and jump right into this
video series, I want to get you into the right mindset to understand
how to effectively create Facebook ads. Also, you’ll want to learn how
to increase your conversions as well – which is very important to your
business in terms of gathering potential customer leads. Plus we’re
going to talk about how it’s all going to work and help you understand
how you can figure out what your end result or objective is.

#2 – Types of Ads to Achieve Your Objective

you can create a specific ad to achieve your objective, you’ll need to
understand the different types of ads that Facebook provides. This way
you’ll know how to effectively choose the right ad type to fit your

#3 – Demographics of Your Audience
that you have a better understanding of the different types of ads that
will help you achieve your objective, it’s time to look at the
demographics of your particular audience. You need to have this
information in your hands before you create the Facebook ad.Being able
to pinpoint the correct audience will increase your conversions in the
long term. I’m also going to help you figure out how to find the
demographics of your audience by using free tools.

#4 – Ad Rules – What You Can and Cannot Do
this point in the video series, you should have a good idea of your
demographics and the specific ad type that you want to use to achieve
your end objective. However, before you actually create your ad, you
need to know what you can and cannot do. So in this specific video we
are going to talk about Facebook’s ad rules. If you do not follow their
rules, your ads are most likely going to be rejected, so in order to
allow a smooth process of approval, you want to make sure that you
understand all of these rules.

#5 – Gathering All Your Information (Product or Affiliate Offer)

that you understand what you can and cannot do, it’s time to gather all
your information for your product or affiliate offer that you’re
promoting. In other words you’re going to need to have a title or call
to action, a specific image depending on the type of ad that you
choose, and more. And I will also go over the different types of ads
and what you’ll need in terms of gathering all the information and so

#6 – Ad Type:  Promote Page

is one of the most popular ad types that Facebook provides. By
promoting your page in terms of getting more fans, you can build a
tribe of fans that love your stuff. You’ll want to promote your page
rather than an outside URL for now because by keeping people within the
Facebook ecosystem, this will allow you to increase your conversions
for any future offers that you might promote.

#7 – Ad Type:  Boost Page’s Post
you know that whenever you create a post / status message on your fan
page that not every single person is going to see it?In fact, the only
way to get the majority of your Facebook fan page fans to see your post
is by boosting your page’s post and paying a small fee. So in other
words if you want to bring eyes to a specific post that might create
engagement, interaction, and more, then this specific ad type can help.
Of course the question is how effective is this – and does it really
work well?

#8 – Campaign Cost & Budgeting
talk about campaign cost and budgeting. How much money should you spend
and what are the different strategies that you can use that will help
you save money choose the correct keywords and more?

#9 – Getting the Best Ad Conversions
video course is nothing without understanding how to increase your
conversions and get more people to take a specific action that results
in fulfilling your objective. Therefore, in this specific video we are
going to talk about how you can increase your conversions for your ads
and get more people to buy your products and take action.


this video course and learn how to drive traffic with Facebook!


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