Help one, help many: Support AFS-USA scholarships for teens to promote understanding worldwide.

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If we succeed, then an extra $10,000 will go towards AFS-USA study abroad scholarships. Since our initial goal was $10,000, we’ll be able to more than DOUBLE the number of students whose lives are changed by study abroad.

If We Fail…

We can’t fail! But if we do, then we’ll have to settle for a regular success, rather than a great success.

So help us reach $18,000. Donate now, and tell your friends!

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Who We Are

AFS-USA (formerly the American Field Service) is a leader in intercultural learning and offers exchange programs in more than 40 countries around the world.

Our mission is to work toward a more just and peaceful world by providing intercultural learning experiences to individuals, families, schools, and communities worldwide.

What We Need

$10,000 to help 5 U.S. high school students achieve their dreams of studying abroad.

Often, a $2,000 scholarship is all it takes to make studying abroad a reality for a deserving teen. It can mean the difference between a student staying home or taking part in a transformative experience that will help him or her become a global citizen – a culturally savvy young adult prepared to tackle 21st century challenges with maturity, empathy and an open mind.

Contribution Karma (A.K.A. Perks)

Your gift will help inspire young people to make the world a better, more peaceful place. What does that mean for you? Good karma, of course! And perhaps a little something extra…

About our Students

AFS-USA scholarship recipients are:

  • Ages 14 – 18 years old
  • From both urban and rural communities
  • Chosen based on their commitment to community service and potential for leadership

Many AFS-USA study abroad participants go on to cultivate successful careers in internationally-relevant fields. All acquire global competency and 21st century skills to help them thrive in our increasingly interconnected world.

About Our Programs

The Impact of Study Abroad

AFS participant-based studies, as well as independent research, have confirmed the many tangible and long-term benefits of studying abroad:

Help One, Help Many: Support AFS-USA Scholarships For Teens To Promote Understanding Worldwide.

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AFS Study Abroad Programs

The average cost of an AFS-USA High School Year Program is $14,950. This includes:

Professional guidance and support throughout the process, from application through the completion of the program; Placement with a carefully selected volunteer host family and in a host school or community service organization; Round-trip international travel with your AFS Group between the international departure city in the US to the host country; Orientations prior to departure and after arrival on program; Comprehensive secondary medical insurance; Visa support and application assistance; Access to a support network of AFS Professional Staff in the US and in the host country, as well as thousands of trained volunteers worldwide; 24 hour emergency assistance.

Learn more about what tuition covers.

The AFS History

Help One, Help Many: Support AFS-USA Scholarships For Teens To Promote Understanding Worldwide.

A Legacy of Volunteerism

AFS Intercultural Programs was founded in 1947 by members of the American Field Service, a volunteer ambulance driver corps in WWI and WWII. American Field Service drivers paid their own way overseas, bought their own uniforms, and risked their lives to help transport hundreds of thousands of wounded soldier to safety from both sides of the battlefields.

Leaders in Global Education

When the wars ended, the corps decided that its new charge should be to prevent future conflicts by promoting understanding among nations. They established AFS Intercultural Programs to help facilitate cross-cultural student exchanges that would enhance empathy and build cultural awareness worldwide. Today, AFS has a presence in more than 50 countries and facilitates exchanges between more than 90 countries. AFS-USA, the network’s largest partner, annually sends nearly 1,000 students abroad and hosts more than 2,000 foreign exchange students in communities across the U.S.

In 2014 and 2015, we are celebrating the Centennial of the American Field Service and the spirit of volunteerism that lives on in AFS today. Thank you for your support as we head into the next 100 years!



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