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What Is A Skype ‘Mood’ Exactly?

Skype Moods = Status Updates

Did you know that you can update your Skype status, just like you do on Facebook or Twitter? On Skype, this is known as your ‘mood’.

Here you can tell people what you’re up to…

What you’re working on…

Where you are…

Your favorite quote…

Example Skype Moods:

“Are You Updating Your Skype Mood Regularly and Taking FULL Advantage of This Built In Feature From a Marketing Perspective?”

We Can Update Our Mood With…

a project we’re working on

a link to our website

our video on youtube

a link to our FB page

a link to our G+ community

a free gift to collect email option

an affiliate offer we’re promoting

a daily deal

motivational quotes

marketing tips


Anything you can think of that will help your business grow!

HINT: Not only do you want to jump on Skype marketing ahead of the crowd, but you must also do one OTHER thing as soon as possible.

That would be expanding your reach by getting folks to tune into your message on more than one channel. (Just like advertisers do on television!)

For Example…

You want to get your email subscribers on your Skype contact list.

You want to get your Skype contacts to join your Facebook page.

You want your Facebook page users to add you to their circles on G+.

You want your G+ followers to subscribe your Wordpress RSS feed.

You want to get ALL of your users on a retargeting list…

…and on and on.

The point is, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

(Windows PC Only)
The Mood King Software Allows You To Automate Your Skype Status Updates(Moods), and Expand Your Reach On A Daily Basis…

You can select a file of ‘moods’, one per line in a text file, and Mood King will go to work for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Every XX minutes, your mood updates on Skype for all of your contacts to see!


How It Works:

1. Open software – (See more discounted Skype marketing tools!)
2. Connect With Skype – Allow MoodKing.exe to connect
3. Select mood file – formatted one mood per line in text file
4. Set time interval – in minutes
5. Hit Start!

Minimize Mood King and Let It Run In The Background!

When you start your PC, start your Mood King software and let it run. If you’re always connected to the internet, that’s even better. Mood King is working for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Got a product for sale? Open a notepad and write up 10 short status updates(moods), and add your links! This is your first mood file!

Got a new squeezepage setup that you want to test? Create another mood file!

Do you ‘bank’ clicks with partners? Create a mood file just for this! (make sure that your partners know that you’re driving quality traffic via Skype and are ok with it!)

Is there a hot affiliate offer that you’re promoting? Create a mood file! You can use short testimonials with your affiliate link – BAM!

Got an upcoming launch or affiliate launch? Create a mood file with the pre-launch content. Perhaps pointing to free reports or videos. Maybe you want to show off your bonus package ahead of time. This is pre-selling 24/7 and when launch day comes you cash in!

Got a hot Facebook group and need more likes? Or a FB group and need more members?

Or YouTube channel you want people to subscribe to?

Create a mood file!

I Think You’re Getting The Picture Here…

And when you have several mood files created, you can COMBINE them, and make a MASTER mood file.

This allows you to promote ALL of your offers on an ongoing basis, on autopilot. You just keep adding to the file. (Make sure you don’t add items to your Master mood file that will expire. For example, you don’t want to be promoting a ‘5 day only’ deal 2 months from now or you’re just wasting clicks, and folks might not click next time. Make sure the offers in your Master mood file are evergreen for long term profits!)

What Are You Waiting For?

Add This Tool To Your Arsenal Today!

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