Scarcity Demon

$17.00 Inluding Vat

Your Own, Simple-To-Use ‘Buy Button’ Magnet

Scarcity Demon will literally put YOU in control of time – and you don’t even need technical expertise to get those countdown timers up and running on all of your offers. With Scarcity Demon installed on your offers, your buyers will be racing against the clock to hit to hit those buy buttons again and again!

· Set your countdown timers for however long you want -24hours, 8hours, even 1hour?! The choice is yours.

· Place counters anywhere on your sales page with easy to use cut and paste shortcodes.

· Add multiple, customizable counters to your page to create a real sense of urgency.

· Customize and preview the counters live within the plugin to add your own individual style.

· Add custom redirect pages to get maximum exposure for all of your offers – allow anyone who misses out on one of your offers a chance at another.
· Run multiple offers on one WordPress installation – no technical expertise required!

· Automated messages let your customers know when your timers are about to expire to create an even greater sense of urgency.

· Customizable ‘Expired’ images to let buyers who drag their feet know mean business!

But here’s what really makes Scarcity Demon unique:
You can track your live ‘button click’ page statistics to gain valuable sales data that allows you to change your marketing strategy on the fly. This is an incredibly powerful feature that allows you to monitor how well your offers are selling and adjust where necessary to maximize profitability.

Just think what that could do for your conversion rate!

We are so confident that you will be blown away by the sheer selling power of Scarcity Demon that we are giving – yes, GIVING you all these amazing products so that you can see for yourself just what Scarcity Demon can do for your conversion rates.

“So what’s all this going to cost?”

Well, normally to buy all this software separately would cost $750

But for a very limited time we’re offering Scarcity Demon with these 10 other popular software titles for the incredible low price.


Dear Fellow Marketer

“What’s the secret to a successful product launch?”

The answer is a lot simpler than you might think –Scarcity Value

What is scarcity value? Basically, people hate to miss out on a bargain, and will place much higher value on a product that has limited availability.

Scarcity = Value = More Profit!

How does it work? -If customers believe that a great offer is about to slip away forever, it massively increases the chance of a sale. In psychology this is known as reactance theory or scarcity value. It’s a marketing trick sites like Groupon use all the time.

You only have to look at the sales tactics of retail giants like Walmart to see the power of scarcity value:

Black Friday

Probably the best example of scarcity value in action. Put a 24 hour limited time offer on all your products and even the most restrained shoppers become like sharks in a feeding frenzy! What does this tell us? The scarcer something is, the more people want it!

Say that snazzy new smart TV you’ve been wanting to buy is suddenly 50% off at your local store. Great! But why buy it straight away? The offer’s not going anywhere. You might even find a better deal if you wait.

But what if the offer was only for 24 hours? Suddenly the clock’s ticking and you’ve got a choice: buy it right now, or lose the chance to get that bargain forever.

What would you do? If you’re anything like the millions of Black Friday shoppers, you race to your nearest store and fight over a parking spot!

So how does all this translate to internet marketing?

Well as you probably already know, most successful marketers use limited time offers for nearly all their product launches to boost sales, and often see their highest rate of sales in the first 24 hours of a launch.

Limited Time Offers Are Not Without Problems Though…..

Limited time offers are a great way to create scarcity and boost your sales, but it’s a delicate balancing act:

Make your limited time offer too short – say like an 8 hour flash sale – and you create a great sense of scarcity, but you miss out on sales from customers who don’t see the offer in time.

Leave your offer up for a whole week, and sure, lots of people will see it, but you’ve lost all sense of scarcity.

Either way you’ve lost sales and potential profit.

It can difficult to time an offer to get maximum exposure and still create a real sense urgency in your potential buyers. Often you’ll be dealing with customers who work at different times, or live in different time zones, or maybe just don’t live online 24/7 like we internet marketers do……(I know, weird right?)

How many times have you clicked on a tempting offer, only to see that it’s already expired? Or how often have you put off buying a product because it was always on sale and you didn’t feel the need to rush? It’s the same for your customers.

But What If Everyone Got The Same Limited Time Offer…….No Matter When They Clicked The Link?

Now picture how much better this would work:

You send out a 24-hour limited time offer to all your potential buyers. But the countdown doesn’t start when you mail out the offer, it starts the second the buyer lands on the sales page!

Each buyer gets their own unique countdown timer that shows how long they have left before the offer runs out. Even if they close the page, the timer keeps counting down.

What if you had a tool that let you market your offers this way?
What if you could ensure your potential buyers never missed out on any your offers ever again?
What is you could create a Black Friday-style spending frenzy with every product launch?

You probably think such a tool is out of your reach…..think again!

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